HALLS XS National Product Launch

Pop Up Experience

HALLS XS Flip. Pop. Go.

The national launch of the NEW mini format Halls XS

The Client

Saatchi & Saatchi Cape Town for HALLS owned by Mondelēz International

The Project

Launch Halls XS in an interesting and unique way in order to show how it is the perfect product for those on the move due to its convenient format. Flip it open. Pop one in your mouth. Go about your day with the power of cool.

Our Tasks & Responsibilities

From concept to database capture we did it all. Here’s a breakdown on everything we created, managed & implemented 3D design & render, daily operations, staff (recruitment, deployment, management & payroll), forecourt acquisition & leasing, insurance, daily stock control, custom stand design & implementation, national logistics, maintenance, consumer micro-site development & maintenance, database capture & catagorisation

The Solution

We created 360-degree photobooth where expert extreme sports talents showcased their skills and invited consumers in the shopping in malls to do the same. There was something special about this photobooth though… it’s called bullet time – picture the Matrix? Now imagine you’re inside of it.

Those who dared were given product samples  through a quick questionnaire on an iPad and could then retrieve their photos – instantaneously lived edited, uploaded to a micro-site and a link emailed to them to share on social media . Participants could capture their Flip. Pop. Go inspired moves with the launch of the NEW mini format Halls XS and have a memento too! Reminding them of their awesome immersive experience.

Hype Magazine had this to say: “To bring intense swag to your selfie game, find our Halls XS booths across the country and show us how you bring Flip.Pop.Go to life in your unique way. Whether you are ‘flipping a gaming remote’; ‘popping that hip dance move’ or ‘jumping like no one is watching,’ you can create your own personal 360⸰ selfie.”


freeze frame photo that stops time just like in The Matrix